Due to circumstances beyond our control Ministry with Special Guests Filter - Live in Singapore on October 4th is canceled. Hopefully we'll have a chance to bring these great bands to Singapore at some point in the future.
Refunds will begin from 23 August till 6 September 2017 via SISTIC.
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Mondays - Fridays: 12PM - 8PM
Saturdays: 12PM - 4PM
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Ministry's official statement regarding the cancellation of tour:
"Due to unforeseen circumstances and issues surrounding our business, we are forced to cancel our planned tour of New Zealand, Australia & Singapore. Our hope is to come visit you all next year when we release our newest Ministry record.”


"The crowd was a hot mess of energy. Mosh pits swirled, shoes were lost"
The Void Report, on Ministry’s latest tour.

The set list gives a nod to their past with Just One Fix, N.W.O, Stigmata, Thieves, So What as well as their brutal more recent songs Punch in the Face, Lies Lies Lies. This isn’t the Industrial Revolution this is the Industrial Insurgency as MINISTRY and FILTER combine to create their own energy source: fuelled by rib crushing riffs, thunderous rhythms and body slamming tunes. This is one tour that will leave fans emotionally charged and one you will NOT want to miss.



Ministry’s machine-gun beats and crushing guitars make other heavy bands seem rather faceless in comparison. Founder and frontman Al Jourgensen, dressed like a haunting voodoo priest, tears through songs with his indelicate roar and gives the band a greater aura of style and theatrics.

Al “Fucking” Jourgensen is the undisputed king of industrial music. The Godfather of a genre he helped to create and mold into something millions of fans have grown to love throughout its 30+ years in development. You can’t say his name without thinking of heavy guitar riffs, crushing drum beats and unmistakable samples. Even his image is iconic and recognizable. You immediately think of a man in black, with top hat and flowing dreadlocks.

Alejandro Ramirez Casa was born in Havana Cuba in October of 1958 to Cuban - American parents.  He lived there just a short time before moving with his mother to the United States to the suburbs of Chicago.  Jourgensen was a DJ and musician from an early age.  Starting in college as a club DJ then in the late 70’s he and fellow industrial icon Frankie Nardiello (AKA Groovie Mann) and Harry Rushakoff formed Special Affect.  This was short lived and only produced an album and 7” EP.  


After Special Affect dissolved, Ministry was formed in 1981 and by 1983 they released With Sympathy.  It was during this time Jourgensen was experimenting with the early synth pop sounds he has long disassociated himself from citing, “That shit was garbage and an abomination, it should have never had the Ministry moniker.” Ironically, during that first stage of Ministry, Jourgensen produced a cult classic that many consider a must have in any Neo Industrial Goth collection called, Everyday Is Halloween. But that sound was short lived and by 1985, a completely new Ministry sound was born.  The “real, true Ministry” as Jourgensen puts it.


1985 - 86 were milestone years for Jourgensen. This is where he established himself as a force to be reckoned with releasing two iconic and powerful releases.  The newly discovered Ministry, producing the heavy dark, industrial sound, Twitch and just months later, the equally iconic sounds of the Revolting Cocks, Big Sexy Land on Wax Trax!


In the early 90’s Jourgensen and Ministry found critical and commercial success. One of which being Grammy nominated for the now legendary 1992 album, Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs. The track, N.W.O. bringing not only the Grammy nod, but the Ministry name to the mainstream.


From the late 2000’s to now, Jourgensen has been through some ups and downs including taking a few years off from the band that made him, to the loss of his best friend and Ministry cohort, Mike Scaccia, fighting an ugly divorce, to battling drug addiction and trying to rebuild the empire so many revealed as gospel. He even somehow found the time to write a tell all book about his life called, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According To Al Jourgensen, that held nothing back.  His latest quote, “I Don’t Fucking Care” becoming a reoccurring theme in his life and art.  He may not care, but you should.

“Ministry’s message is still a powerful one, even after more than 30 years.”
Punk News


To date, he’s earned the respect of his peers around the world from bands like Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and KMFDM.  Jourgensen continues to influence and change in his many different incarnations.  His style is and always will be deeply rooted in Industrial, but he’s not afraid to venture out and create new forms as most recently can be heard in his latest project, Surgical Meth Machine.

Ministry’s line-up consists of Al Jourgensen on lead vocals & guitars, John Bechdel on Keyboards, Sin Quirin and Cesar Soto on guitars, Jason Christopher on bass & backing vocals and Thomas Holtgreve on drums.


Industrial rock behemoths FILTER will be joining MINISTRY! Led by Richard Patrick, FILTER bring their larger than life live performance to Singapore for the first time too! Having recently released their 7th album “Crazy Eyes”, this will be your chance to listen to all your favourite tracks – Take A Picture, Hey Man Nice Shot, Welcome To The Fold, Trip Like I Do plus more!


“Richard Patrick is no stranger to delivering a pummeling round of songs to his diehard fans.” –


Filter emerged as one of the most popular bands in the mid-'90s post-industrial alternative scene. Vocalist and primary member Richard Patrick had been a guitarist with Nine Inch Nails during the Pretty Hate Machine and Broken eras. In 1993, Patrick decided to leave NIN to form his own band. He met Brian Liesegang through a mutual friend and the pair began to record together. Patrick handled vocals, guitars, bass, programming, and drums, while Liesegang covered programming, guitars, keyboards, and drums. Since they both experimented with electronics early in their careers, the band's early sound was reminiscent of a more-muscular brand of industrial than that of NIN.


Their debut album, Short Bus, released on Reprise in 1995, was recorded by the two at a small house on the outskirts of Cleveland. Short Bus became a surprise hit, thanks to the MTV and the alternative radio hit "Hey Man, Nice Shot"; by the end of the summer, the album had reached gold status. In order to tour behind the record, the duo recruited guitarist Geno Lenardo, bassist Frank Cavanaugh, and drummer Matt Walker. Liesegang departed in 1997 over creative differences, but Patrick retained the Filter name for 1999's Title of Record, which eventually went platinum and spawned another radio/MTV hit in the single "Take a Picture."

A compilation, The Very Best Things (1995-2008), followed in 2009 and then the group delivered The Trouble with Angels -- an unapologetic return to the sound of Short Bus -- in the summer of 2010. The Trouble with Angels performed well enough -- it debuted at 64 on the Billboard 200, reaching number seven on the Top Hard Rock Albums chart -- to attract the attention of the hard rock label Wind-Up, which released the band's next album, the Bob Marlette-produced The Sun Comes Out Tonight, in June of 2013.


The album incorporated an updated sound, adding some harmonies and electronic elements close to musical progeny Linkin Park. While recording their follow-up, Patrick's supporting band changed and he was joined by Oumi Kapila(guitar, programming), Ashley Dzerigian (bass), Chris Reeve (drums), and Bobby Miller (keyboards). In January 2016, Patrick released the single "Take Me to Heaven," which was included on Filter's seventh LP, Crazy Eyes.

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