LAMC Productions is pleased to announce the launch of our new Rising Star Series, a new initiative that will feature up-and-coming international artistes performing alongside significant local acts in an intimate ‘live’ performance setting.

We will be sourcing out promising international artistes, both in music and comedy, who are on the brink of stardom and expose them to the Singaporean and regional audiences to achieve a two-fold effect:

1) Increase awareness & fan-base for the selected artistes in the Southeast Asian region

2) Expose the local & regional audiences to talented and little-known artistes who are set to break out into the international stage

The Rising Star Series aims to be a trailblazer to follow for leads on the best & most current hot artistes to come to Singapore and the surrounding region. It will allow the local audience a chance to experience these artistes in a cosy, intimate setting that is unlikely to repeat as their fan-base grows. These artistes may not have a massive following on the outset, but they are already set on the path towards stardom with support from global industry leaders and beyond – hence the title, ‘Rising Star’.

This initiative will also feature a local or regional opening act in each show. The chosen acts will be fairly well-established artistes who are poised to break into a larger market. The Rising Star initiative will align our local artistes alongside these budding international acts, and reach out to the massive audiences outside of Singapore and the region.



Our very first featured artist in this series is JAMIE LAWSON, also the first artist signed to Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man Records. The pair met while they were gigging around London more than five years ago, well before Sheeran became an international star.

As Lawson elaborates:

“I got a text out of the blue saying that Ed was doing a secret show in Dublin and he wanted me to open for him. After that, he invited me out on the European and UK tour that he was doing, which was incredible. He told me that nobody could make a Jamie Lawson album better than Jamie Lawson, and his main ethos is work as hard as you can and be nice to everyone. I try to take that on board.”

Jamie Lawson began his musical career as a covers band until he eventually discovered his voice at the age of 17, and began performing across the Irish club circuit. Starting off as a seasoned performer in the Irish music scene with his first album, it wasn’t until the release of his second album “The Pull of the Moon” in 2010 that he found greater success.

Jamie Lawson has now performed in several countries worldwide, touring alongside popular boy band One Direction and hitting top chart positions with his unique sound in multiple countries.

He has earned a growing fan base following with his evocative, emotional song-craft and equally heartfelt performances. In addition to countless clubs and cafes in Ireland and the UK, the Manchester-based tunesmith has travelled alongside a long list of like-minded artistes, including Damien Rice, Ben Howard, Ellie Golding, Ed Sheeran, Lucy Rose, and Van Morrison.


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