General Concert Information

*Reminder for previous concert goers and notice for the first timers and new fans*


  1. No Cameras.

  2. No Professional Video Recording devices.

  3. Banners & Signs are strictly not permitted.

  4. No food and drinks to be brought into the concert hall.

  5. Avoid bringing backpacks/large bags.

  6. No selfie sticks.

  7. No laser pens/pointers.

  8. No sharp objects.


  1. We expect a large crowd for this event, to facilitate smooth entry, please prepare your tickets before arriving at the venue. This applies for both the physical tickets bought via SISTIC as well as the Peatix QR Code Pre-Sale tickets.

  2. There will be a merchandise booth - so do bring sufficient cash. Only cash payments are accepted on site.

  3. Like/Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram & Snapchat. We’ll be posting exclusive updates (before and during the event) - We are so excited!

  4. As we’re counting down, feel free to share about the show on social media. We love hearing from you!

For fans who wish to bring gifts for the band, please read the following:

  1. A box will be placed at the Ticket Registration Booth

  2. Please leave your presents in the box before the concert starts. They will then be passed to the band.

  3. Please avoid giving them presents that are too big. We want them to be able to carry them back home without too much difficulty.

The following is for fans who are collecting tickets via SISTIC or contest winners at the venue before the concert:

  1. Bring any form of identification.

  2. You can collect the tickets from 6:30pm at the SISTIC Booth located outside Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, Level 6, Hall 603.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing there!

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