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Detail Venue Map of Marina Barrage

Where is Marina Barrage?

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How to Get There - By Car / Taxi

To get to Marina Barrage, head towards Central Boulevard whether from AYE (East Bound) into MCE (Exit 2) or ECP/KPE (Towards City) into MCE (Exit 3). Follow the road/directional signs along Central Boulevard towards Marina Gardens Drive (a right turn). Stay on Marina Gardens Drive passing by first Gardens by the Bay and Satay by the Bay on the left before reaching Marina Barrage.

Alternatively, travel from Rochor/Ophir towards ECP (West Bound) through Sheares Avenue into Central Boulevard.

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How to Get There - By Bus

  • SBS Bus 400

  • 0700hrs – 2330hrs (Frequency of 15-20 mins)

  • Taken either from 1) Tanjong Pagar Station, 2) Marina Bay Station or 3) Downtown Station.

• From Tanjong Pagar Station: Take bus 400 in front of International Plaza (03223)

( Bus Stop location is at Red Marker )

• From Marina Bay Station or Downtown Station: Take bus 400 at Marina Bay Financial Centre (03391) along Marina Boulevard.

( Bus Stop location is at Red Marker )

> Alight at the Marina Barrage Bus Stop

Click here for more information on Bus 400 schedule.

Where To Park Your Car

Location marked in red are the designated parking spaces.

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