FUR with special guest COMING UP ROSES

Rising Star Series #6


Hailing from Brighton, England, FUR’s unique sound has seized the attention of fans and critics alike with their vintage guitar pop, jangly melodies and sunlit charm. Giving ’60s-influenced guitar sounds a fresh and modern twist, the bunch has already made their mark and quickly became one of the most exciting acts to watch!



Forming just over three years ago, the quartet – made up of William Murray, Harry Saunders, William Tavener and Flynn Whelan – create music that they themselves describe as “like if a ’60s band were doing something modern” and have already been creating a buzz with their vibrant nostalgia-tinged bops.


In the modern world of streaming-dominated music consumption, there are a few standard ways that artists tend to rack up the numbers. They’re either signed to a major label, who have the leverage and cash to get them all up in people’s eye-lines;

they’ve managed to nab a lucrative spot on a New Music Friday playlist, or they’ve made friends with Hugh Jackman and wound up on 'The Greatest Showman' soundtrack. Rare, however, is the track that climbs into seven-figure streams just by virtue of being very, very good. And even rarer still is the occasion when that happens to a virtually unknown indie band. 


‘If You Know That I’m Lonely’, the jangling, sepia-tinged and '60s-inflected bop released by Brighton quartet FUR last autumn, however, is currently sitting at over 3.6 million Youtube views.


With a full quartet on board, they began to pen tracks based equally in the ‘00s indie they’d grown up with and an increasing rekindled interest in the older music they’d always known from home. "It started off [influenced] by The Strokes and The Cribs, who are another band we all really adore. But as we kept on writing, I found myself really enjoying and being really good at tapping into that [other] place,” explains Murray. "So then it was a case of looking at what sounded like FUR and getting that balance where it doesn't sound like a band from the‘60s, it sounds like if a '60s band were doing something modern.” Harry notes: "For some reason, even when we'd only written two songs, we already knew what FUR sounded like.”


‘There really is something timeless about love songs, and FUR definitely know how to milk out this quality.’ - Gig Goer


‘Romantic rock at its finest.’ – Born Music


Heading into the release of their debut EP, following recent single ‘What Would I Do?’ (itself already up to half a million views, FYI) what FUR sound like currently is a band capable of penning a particularly nostalgic strain of guitar music but making it sound fresh again. So far, this outlook has earned them critical plaudits from tastemakers such as Steve Lamacq, as well as gaining them support slots with a truly diverse set of artists including Miles Kane, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and London crooner Matt Maltese - who they’ll shortly be heading out on a full tour with. They have also found that their music’s been resonating in more places than just their homeland, too. "I think the one thing we really appreciate is people telling us we have a fanbase in places we never expected. Indonesia has become a big thing, and when people in Peru say there are whole groups of people out there that love us, that's amazing,” says Flynn.


‘Bewitching and delightful, with a record brimming with the ideas of love and compassion, Fur are a heavenly outfit from tip to toe.’ – Brighton’s Finest

Always alluring, with an old-school charm and enough modernist tendencies to bring them bang up to date, FUR continues to steal hearts and enthrall listeners. Don’t miss the chance to see them live!

Coming Up Roses


Weaving their songs out of their adolescent experiences, alt-rock/shoegaze quartet Coming Up Roses balances the worlds of child-like innocence and idealism with the revelations that come with adulthood. Combining elements of pop, grunge, heavy-metal and shoegaze, the band manifests their emotions through the use of evocative vocal melodies and expansive sonic textures.

Led by vocalist-bassist Emily Sera, and completed by guitarists Darius Oon, Lorenzo Romero and drummer Bruce Tan, Coming Up Roses recalls the likes of Wolf Alice and Sonic Youth.

After releasing a series of demo recordings in 2018, the band earned a spot on the illustrious Baybeats Festival line-up that year and gained a reputation for their dynamic live shows, subsequently releasing their debut mini-album, "Waters", in May 2019.

Currently, the band plans to build on their live shows in Singapore and establish their artist profile as one of the country’s most exciting live acts.

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