Saturday, 19th Jan 2019 • The Pavilion @ Far East Square


SINGAPORE - JAN 19 2019, 8PM

If  you can't  believe that  Taking Back Sunday  have been around for  20 years, you're not alone, because  they can't either. Although the pride  of Long Island have had a handful of  member changes over the years, the current lineup of  the band – vocalist Adam Lazzara, guitarist John Nolan,  drummer Mark O'Connell and bassist Shaun Cooper – have all  been there since the beginning.


From  the band's  landmark 2002  debut, Tell All  Your Friends, to their  most recent full-length,  2016's Tidal Wave, Taking Back  Sunday have evolved from a key  player in the early 2000s emo scene  to a genre-defying rock band who have  three gold albums without ever ceasing to  push the limitations of their sound. This fact  is evidenced on Twenty, a 21-song collection set for  release in January 2019 via Craft Recordings that spans  all seven of their full-lengths and solidifies them as an  act with a catalog that will undoubtedly outlive them.

Taking  Back Sunday  may have started  out like most of their  peers by playing local shows  and recording demos; however, unlike  most of those peers, they went on  to sign to a major label, tour alongside Linkin  Park and become international superstars. That said,  they still speak of the band's early days as if they  just happened yesterday. “I'll never forget, we played Ground  Zero in Long Island in 2001 and it was the first show we played  where people were singing along and going crazy. It was a tiny place  that held 100 people but you could sense something had changed,” Lazzara  recalls.


“After  the show  I remember  we carried some  equipment back to John's  car and we were sitting in  it just not saying anything. We  were just thinking, 'that was the  best thing ever.' I was starry eyed  and staring into space; I couldn't believe  that just happened.” Nolan concurs, adding, “Even after  the band got a lot bigger and did things that were a lot  more impressive,that moment was really huge because you could tell  something was happening. Everyone was going nuts and that really stands  out to me as being one of the defining moments of Taking Back Sunday.”


Twenty is  a celebration  not only of those  career-defining moments  but of the landmark albums  that chronicle the band's story:  2002's Tell  All Your  Friends,  2004's Where  You Want  To Be,  2006's Louder  Now,  2009's New  Again, 2011's Taking  Back Sunday,  2014's Happiness  Is and  2016's Tidal  Wave,  all  of which  are represented  on this collection.  Whether your introduction  to the band was singing along  to “A Decade Under The Influence”  in a sweaty club or hearing “MakeDamnSure”  or “Sink Into Me” on the radio, Twenty is  a look  back at some  of the highlights  from this unlikely  group of musical misfits.  Additionally,fans will be able  to hear two newly recorded songs,which  hint at the direction that Taking Back  Sunday are heading in the coming years.   Musical legacy aside, ultimately what's most impressive  is the fact that after two decades and countless successes,  Taking Back Sunday have managed to preserve that initial spark that  excited them as teenagers.


That  fact alone  is one worth  celebrating, so  turn it up, listen  loud and don’t miss

this concert!


This event is Standing, General Admission (GA).

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